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High Protein Snacks to Curb Cravings

May 1, 2011

Boost Workouts and Curb Cravings with High Protein Snacks

Starting a summer slim-down doesn’t mean you have to put great-tasting food on hold for 6 months. Improving the quality of the foods you eat and balancing the foods you choose can lead to satisfying snacks and meals that keep carb-cravings in check.

Making smart snack choices can really help keep your nutrition plan on track. A smaller snack with that all-important balance of carbohydrates and protein makes them more satisfying, and reduces between-meal cravings.

Enter: The Super Smoothie! While most smoothies are loaded with carbs from fruit, a Super Smoothie is balanced with the addition of lean protein. How do you make one? Add 1/3 cup pasteurized AllWhites egg whites to your favorite smoothie. You’ll get 8g of 100% fat free, cholesterol free, protein!  Or try one of the AllWhites smoothie recipes with ingredients like chocolate, mocha, chai, peanuts or soy.

AllWhites protein smoothies provide a delicious balance of low carbohydrates and lean protein for a snack break you can’t wait to enjoy! They have the fat-free protein you need to start your morning or get an energy boost in the afternoon.

Brighten your snack time with this frothy, satisfying Orange Power Protein Smoothie.

Orange Power Protein Smoothie Recipe

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